The Heat Free Hair Movement is a protective style initiative started by N-ZO Hair Studios, a Washington DC based salon that emphasizes the importance of protective styling through all of its services. It was inspired by the thousands of women that use sew-in weaves as their protective style of choice, but are limited to styles that require them to heat straighten their hair for the purpose of blending with their style.  This movement not only features pure 100% virgin human hair lines exclusively created for natural hair textures, but serves as a community platform for women to display their heat free styles and connect with an amazing community of natural women. We want our customers to embrace their curls, toss their blow dryers and flat irons in the closet and grow their hair to new heights (and lengths!).

Message from the founder:

“I have always believed in embracing your natural ‘kinks’ and ‘curls’, but also in the benefits of sew-in weaves as a protective style. At my salon, we call it ‘the ultimate protective style’. Being natural for almost a decade, I experienced my greatest length retention during my one-year weave challenge back in 2005. My hair grew over 8 inches! Since then I have maintained both my hair and the hair of my clients through customized regimens and protective styling. Whether you are transitioning without chopping, growing your hair out, protecting it for a period of time, or considering going natural, The Heat Free Hair Movement provides an option that will allow you to embrace your journey with confidence and style. Experience the revitalization of your natural tresses when you GO HEAT FREE!”

–Ngozi Opara

 Heat Free Hair Movement Founder & Owner of N-ZO Hair Studios

Instagram:  @heatfreehair @ngozithestylist


twitter: @heatfreehair


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