• curvesidoadoreHi, where can I shop to have style like these girls? Also where can I find some badass jewlery like the gold bracelet connected to the ring type stuff?
  • The girls feautred on bgki probably shop all over the world lol. You have vintage, hipster, nerdy, sophisticated, trendy so your best bet to find some of the things the girls are rocking or pieces that are inspired by their clothing would be to go out one day to a popular area and go in as many stores as possible. Even if you cant buy it all you can still grab inspiration. As far as bad ass pieces of jewelry Im a big fan of Melody Eshani, she makes some of the dopest pieces of jewelry Ive ever seen. Also check out the BGKI marketplace which also carries bad ass jewelry. Look out for my video on statement pieces and how to rock them maybe that might help you out as well. Stay chic!!



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  • 2 years ago
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