Hi, I asked for advice before and loved what you told me, so I'm asking again. I'm going to a festival this weekend. Outdoor, of course, two days. I'm in Houston, so I'm looking at 90+ degrees with 90+ humidity. How can I look hot without melting? I refuse to wear a skirt or dress to outdoor events but that's like, my whole wardrobe out, so, I'm at a total loss.

houston, tx is where it goes diiine!  here are a few ideas…

shorts && a tank

a tank with colored skinny jeans

a day to night look

jeans && sneakers

remember to pack sunscreen and bug repellent, the heat and mosquitos are no joke out there!  have fun!

-Gladyz J.

My inner hipster or pinup doll comes out when I go to outdoor festivals so why not channel one of them.  I would go pinup because it’s not as trendy as the hipster style is so there will be fewer people looking like you.  Try some dark wash shorts and a red & white stripe halter or tube top with sandals.  Go for waterproof eyeliner with a winged tip.  A small detail like winged eyeliner can really up the amp on a plain outfit like shorts & a tee but because it’s only eyeliner it won’t cause a big fuss.  You could also go hipster with denim cutoffs a flowy/oversized tank and a headpiece.  I would tie my hair up for either look.  Make messy high bun and tie a bandana around your head for a pinup look or wear a headpiece and a sleek ponytail for a more hipster look.  Thanks for returning with more questions.  Kill it doll!


-L. Danielle