• AnonymousHi, I totally love wearing bright colored lipsticks & i have a lot of clothes from thrift stores. I really wanna start dressing the way i want too. But i'm afraid people are gonna say stuff. What should i do?
  • NEVER let someone else’s opinion stop you from expressing yourself.  Unless they are buying your lipstick and clothes, they don’t have a vote.  ..and even then, it’s up to you, what you wear!  DO YOU!

    -Gladyz J.

    Everyone has an opinion, but your opinion is the one that counts so forget them.  My mother hates the way I dress, but it makes me happy so that’s all I’m worried about.  Hold your head up high & ignore the haters.  Kill it doll!


    -L. Danielle

    You should wear whatever it is you want and have fun doing so. People will always have something to say and with time you’ll realize it doesnt matter because youre living your life for you. Stay chic!!


    For some reason I thought about Dr. Phil after reading this question and you know what’s stuck in my head now?  Dr. Kill.

    I know I know… I don’t actually give any tips :P



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