Lucia believes every girl should own something vintage, read what other opinions she has in our interview with her…

What inspires you to blog? 

I really honestly just want other girls to be them selves and comfortable with their style and who they are so hopefully by blogging about my style etc I can inspire other girls to take risks with fashion without losing who they are.

How would you define your personal style? 

My personal style is definitely fitted and versatile I love experimenting with fashion but as mentioned above I try not to lose my personal style along the away because its quiet easy to follow trends to the T and what every other blogger is doing.

Do you find that you follow fashion trends, or do you play by your own rules? 

I wouldn’t say I follow trends but they are forced unto us, you surely can’t go shopping nowadays without being bombarded with the lasted this, this seasons must have this and that.. I try to play by my own rules but can’t escape the trends hahah

Items to get, what are you searching for right now?  

  • coloured blazers and jeans
  • wooden style platform wedges

Are there any colors you tend to shy away from, and if so why?

I used to shy away from browns for some reason but now I really just take risks and go for it as long as everything is styled right.

When you hear the term “Black Girl Killing It” what comes to mind? 

OMG let me just say when i first saw your facebook page all I though was ‘finally inspiration from black girls style’. I honestly think BGKI is the dopest thing ever am always inspired…

As a child were you always into clothes or did you grow into your own fashion sense? 

I was always into clothes I actually learnt how to saw and hand stitch when I was about 9 but my teen years lets me just say I had a different idea of sexy lol but as am getting older my style is growing with me and will continue to grow.

Do you participate in your local fashion scene?

hahah there isn’t any in Manchester or maybe I don’t know about it, but to be fair I have been to a few events and my friend who design sometimes have fashions and stuff but the real fashion scene in UK is in London.

How does your day to day life factor into your wardrobe choices?

Let me just tell you this we have a very confused weather here lol so I tend to dress according to that but my day to day life is pretty boring so I try to do something special with the boo or friends so I can get the chance to dress up a little.

Have you ever tried your hand at design or sewing?

Yes i am very creative/artistic I have studied art and design, textiles and am starting my fashion and technology course in september megga excited :D… I have also started a Youtube account were I’llll start posting some D.I.Y’s outfit of the day and more…

Are there any designers that you like to wear or whose clothing stands out with you?

I am not really into designers but I have always loved Chanel.

Who are your style icons?

I don’t have any style icons but I tend to look at people with similar hight or body shape as me (Kourtney Kardashian, Eva Longoria and others) but my style is heavily inspired by Hilary and Ashley banks from Fresh Prince of Bel air. I love Hilary’s fitted style and gorgeous blazer/jackets and Ashley’s school girl type thing, knee high socks, high waisted jeans etc

Your five must-haves as a girl:

  • Great pair of jeans
  • LBD
  • Trench coat
  • Leather jacket and 
  • Every girls should own something vintage..

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