BGKI interviews upcoming artist D’anna Stewart and she tells us about her style…

What inspires you to blog?

Being an artists, blogging is a great way for me to connect with my fans and reach new audiences to promote my music. 

How would you define your personal style?

You can define my style as different. I do different looks and styles all the time. Whatever looks good when you put it on be confident in that and rock it out.

Do you find that you follow fashion trends, or do you play by your own rules?

I play by my own rules, I usually wear what I like and people like that! I feel like if everyone played by their own rules, that could set their own trends.

Items to get, what are you searching for right now?  

  • Head Wraps
  • Different Color Lipsticks
  • Wedges 

Are there any colors you tend to shy away from, and if so why?

No, I love color! I like to take risks with color. 

When you hear the term “Black Girl Killing It” what comes to mind?

I first think of myself, and that meaning a black girl who’s empowered, independent, self driven with her own style.  (:

As a child were you always into clothes or did you grow into your own fashion sense?

I grew into my fashion sense, and everyday I develop more of what my personal style is with inspiration from blogs like “Black Girls Killing It" :)

Do you participate in your local fashion scene?

Not really, but I take my style to whatever scene I’m on.

How does your day to day life factor into your wardrobe choices?

Living in LA, there is really no such thing as cold weather so I am always in shorts, crop tops. etc 

What is your greatest fashion pet peeve?

I don’t really have pet peeves, all people express themselves differently; as long as you are confident in whatever your wearing “You go girl!”

Have you ever tried your hand at design or sewing?

Yes, all my life I’ve always been very hands on. I know exactly how I want things so I asked for a sewing machine one christmas and started making bags & skirts. That passion didn’t last long lol but today I still do a lot of thirifting and take pieces I find and make them into my own.

Are there any designers that you like to wear or whose clothing stands out with you?

I’m a “whatever looks good” type of girl (: It doesn’t have to be expensive to look fashionable or designer. But I do a lot of thrifting!

Who are your style icons?

Lots of things, not only just style icons but my music, my friends, and everyday life.

Your five must-haves as a girl:

  • God
  • Wedges
  • Food
  • Lip Stick
  • My Friends (DOGG AVENUE)

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