BGKI has been monitoring Taylor Freeman’s style evolve for over a year now, it’s about time we do our part and share her…

What inspires you to blog?

I just love being able to show others what outfit I have put together for the day and getting feedback. Blogging for me can also be a personal thing, like sharing what has bothered me for the day, what I discovered that day, or what is just going on in my life period. As a teenager, I have a lot to say and get off my mind, so blogging is like my outlet for it all. Plus, blogging gives me the chance to check out other fashion blogs to see what others are wearing and what has inspired them. The world of fashion just changes so much and I appreciate the fact that I can see those changes with just the click of a mouse.

How would you define your personal style?

I would define my style as a mixture of grunge, glam, androgynous, and surprisingly, tacky. I used tacky as a style because I’m the type of person that doesn’t mind putting together different types of prints and somehow making them work. What other people would perceive as tacky, I simply perceive as art. My style is also a mixture of the different family members I grew up around right from my grandmother to my youngest brother. I often find myself sneaking into his closet and grabbing some of his things (it’s crazy how I’m so small I can fit into my eleven year old brothers clothes!)

Do you find that you follow fashion trends, or do you play by your own rules?

I try my best to stay away from trends because I don’t want to feel like I’m following the crowd. Growing up in North Carolina, I notice how almost everyone around here dresses the same and if you dare to step out of the box, you get laughed at or talked about. If you stay inside of the box, you just merge in with the rest of the crowd and no one really notices to you. As for myself, I want to be noticed. I’ve grown enough confidence over the years to be able to show people that I can be my own person in a town where different means weird. I think I can settle with being weird ;)

Items to get, what are you searching for right now?  

  • Doc Martens
  • Sheer Maxi Skirt
  • Run down overalls (I can’t seem to find a black pair anywhere!)

Are there any colors you tend to shy away from, and if so why?

I tend to shy away from most shades of brown because I feel that it can sometimes be a bland color. Sometimes it just doesn’t work with my skin, but I am working on finding the right shade for me.

When you hear the term “Black Girl Killing It” what comes to mind?

Confidence. That word comes to me right off the bat. Confidence is the key to being able to achieve anything in this life, so an African American woman showing off her style with pride is confidence, especially with so much criticism in the world right now. You don’t really find that many black women in the fashion industry because sometimes we’re expected to dress raunchy or like a ‘hoochie.’ But obviously from what this site has shown, we can have just as much class as the next race.

As a child were you always into clothes or did you grow into your own fashion sense?

I have always been into clothes from watching my mother. I can truthfully say that my mother is my biggest inspiration. She always taught me how to care for clothes and how this jewelry went with this outfit and how to pair certain shoes with certain clothes. I was always into ‘matchy’ clothes and having everything perfect up until I entered middle school. Once I was in middle school I branched out and created my own style, something was raw with a hint of rockstar. In high school, I found interest in cutting up my clothes and making things look rough and edgy. Grunge became something I latched on to.

Do you participate in your local fashion scene?

There isn’t a fashion scene here in North Carolina, trust me. As corny as this sounds, my town is so bad that when I go out, I just imagine that I’m strutting the streets of New York City. When it comes to fashion, North Carolina lacks it and I can’t wait to move.

How does your day to day life factor into your wardrobe choices?

Well, during the week I attend a high school that has a uniform policy that I always seem to get around. So I mostly have to wear black, khaki, navy, and white and be able to make it work. But on the weekends, I go crazy and get away from those uniform colors. 

What is your greatest fashion pet peeve?

Knee high boots. I can’t stand them.

Have you ever tried your hand at design or sewing?

Yep, I sure have. The all black dress in the photos I have provided was sewn by me. This year, I plan to dabble more into design and sewing.

Are there any designers that you like to wear or whose clothing stands out with you?

I’m a thrift shopper, so I don’t really look for designer clothes. I do admire Alexander McQueen’s work though. May he rest in peace.

Who are your style icons?

Taylor Momsen, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Zoe Kravitz, and Solange Knowles. 

Your five must-haves as a girl: 

  • Little Black Dress
  • Black Lipstick
  • High Waist Pants
  • Combat Boots
  • Leather Jacket

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