Layering 101 : How I Layer for 10 Degree Weather (Part 1)

1. Always start with what I love to call my “second skin.” Your first layer should always be close to your body. Here I’m wearing knit tights and a cami.

2. Second Layers: Opt for jeans when colder than 20 degrees. With this look, I threw on my deep blush pink jeans. Yes, They’re a bit short… 

3. Just a half sleeve button down for my top second layer.

4. Insulating Layer! Can be a sweater or cardigan. Something to keep you feeling warm and fuzzy! I chose this cropped sweater.

5. Surprise! You didn’t think I’d leave my ankles cold, did you? Leg warmers really work!

6. Throw on some boots. You can wear socks with tights if you please, but that is too constricting for my toesies.

7. Don’t forget to accessorize! An outfit can easily turn into a look with just a few minor adjustments. I changed my earrings and added a statemennt necklace, leather bracelets, and my favorite watch!


DIY Tutorial