DIY - Needle and Thread : Denim Bandeau. 12 STEPS.

What ya need:

  • denim fabric (or any other of your choice)
  • measuring tape
  • any other fabric or beads/studs for decoration/flare
  • needle and thread
  • scissors
  • elastic 
  • 3 buttons/1 zip
  • chalk

How you do it:

  1. Measure your bustline with the measuring tape and mark out the length on your fabric.
  2. Cut out a strip of cloth from your denim fabric the measurement(length) of your bustline,the width of the strip may vary according to bust size.
  3. Wrap denim strip around bust to see if it will fit.
  4. Choose which area on the strip will be the back and which will be the front,mark  out with the chalk.(I used to pieces of fabric,it seemed easier)
  5. Sew vertically down the front centre of your strip, and the pull the thread to create a ruche/gather in the fabric,this creates a sweetheart neckline,tie and cut off thread. 
  6. Now for the back, if you chose a zip i’ll suggest you use a sewing machine but for those of you who choose buttons. Flip over your strip of cloth and fold in the ends, mark in a straight vertical line the placement of your buttons on both ends of your strip.
  7. sew buttons in place and use your scissors to cut slashes for the buttons to go into on the other side. 
  8. If you are content with your bandeau you can leave it plain like this, just hem up your edges on the back and you’ll be complete.didn’t really like it this way…
  9. So,I cut a wide enough strip of the tshirt fabric and placed it againsed the bandeau to see if i’d like it it, i did.
  10. Gather the fabric and hold it up side down against the inside of the bandeau so that when ure finish securing it, it falls over the outside front neatly.
  11. Newhoos,gather the cloth and sew it along the neckline of the bandeau until you reach the side or where the fabric stops,tie off and rethread the needle.Repeat on the other side.
  12. if you decide it needs a little more, you can add a bow like i did. You don’t have to do exactly what i did, you can make a studded,jeweled or completely ruffled bandeau.

Finish Product:

Other Ideas:

Enjoy :)

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