Misha Palmer is the latest BGKI to be interviewed.  Scope out her style…

What inspires you to blog?

My blog TheFabChick is inspired by a lot of what I’m feeling and going through in my regular life –what I wear, trends I love to random thoughts and life lessons that cross my mind.  My goal is always to inspire or start a dialog with oneself with my random thoughts. Fashion-wise, I like to highlight only trends I know I wear.  I’m not into blogging about trends and things that I wouldn’t personally wear or involve myself in, so if you see me posting about something, best believe it’s something I like—better yet love.   

How would you define your personal style?

Here’s a question I can never answer in one or two words.  But, I would say that my personal style is defined a lot by how I feel when I wake-up in the mornings. For the most part I like to keep it casual with a little edge.  

Do you find that you follow fashion trends, or do you play by your own rules?

I would say I definitely play by my own rules.  But you can help but to be influenced by trends you see everyday.  I say that to say that if there is a trend I feel passionate about, I adopted it in my own simple way.  

Items to get, what are you searching for right now?  

I am always on the hunt for gray t-shirts; I seem to not be able to get enough of them.  An everyday bag to replace my men’s tote I love so much—my eye is on a black Hermes Birkin, but my wallet hasn’t caught up yet.  I am also searching for the perfect little gray leather jacket. I’ve seen many but the right one for me has not crossed my path yet.  

Are there any colors you tend to shy away from, and if so why?

I’m an equal opportunist when it comes to color.  For me it’s all about the item first and then I think color.  But I normally don’t wear too much red, clothing-wise.   

When you hear the term “Black Girl Killing It” what comes to mind?

What comes to mind is a black woman, young or old who is positively striving to do what it is she wants to do in life.  She’s a woman trying to change the world in some way shape or form, big or small. She’s doing her part in the community to make it a better place for others.   

As a child were you always into clothes or did you grow into your own fashion sense?

I’ve always been into expressing myself with my clothing.  I was very adventurous with my choices when I was younger.  As I’ve matured, so has my fashion sense. It has been toned down a GREAT deal. Thank goodness!  

Do you participate in your local fashion scene?

I live in New Jersey but I work In New York City in the fashion industry, so I guess that would be a yes and no.  

How does your day-to-day life factor into your wardrobe choices?

I am usually out for a full day so I must be comfortable first!  A lot of times I’m attending events or having drinks with friends after work, so my everyday outfit should be ready for anything at all times.  

What is your greatest fashion pet peeve?

There are so many little ones, but the ultimate is not dressing according to your body shape and type.  Everything is not for everyone!! I think that should be taught in school.   

Have you ever tried your hand at design or sewing?

Yes and yes. I do own a sewing machine.  There was a time when I used to sew clothing for myself. But my love doesn’t lie in designing and sewing myself. Therefore my sewing machine has since accumulated quite a bit of dust.  

Are there any designers that you like to wear or whose clothing stands out with you?

There are so many.  Just to name a few –Band of Outsiders, Rachel Roy, Alexander Wang, Ralph Lauren, Nanette Lepore, I’ll just stop here. But my more grown up self would probably live in the simplicity of Donna Karan. 

Who are your style icons?

I tend to not have icons.  I am inspired by everyday fashionable women I see during my travels –my friends even.  But, if I had to pick any celebs, off the top of my mind I would say, Kanye West, Gwen Stefani, Tracee Ellis Ross just to name a few.  

 Your five must-haves as a girl:

  • little leather jacket
  • white v-neck t-shirt
  • blue denim jeans that fit perfectly
  • black classic pumps
  • simple hoop earrings 

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